2020-21 Learning Support Options

View the 2020-21 learning supports offered by each school below:

Collegiate Prep Academy (C.P.A.)

Suzie Zamora & Elizabeth Dejong – Counselors

Suzane Zamora Office: 720-424-0854               

Elizabeth Dejong Office: 720-424-0850

  • Teachers offer Office Hours every day from 2:05 – 4:00 PM, except on Fridays when they are from 2:05 – 3:30 PM.  Students who need additional support for their classes or have questions are welcome to attend.

*All options are currently virtual.

Denver Center for International Studies (D.C.I.S. Montbello)

Kim Mckenna & Jacob Gittler – Counselors

Kim Mckenna Office: 720-423-5835                  

Jacob Gittler Office:  720-423-5724                   

  • Please contact Counselors Kimberly Mckenna or Jacob Gittler to set up individual meetings for academic support.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Early College (D.M.L.K.)

Hap Legg – Counselor
Mindi Onwuegbu – Communications Specialist / Athletic Liaison

Hap Legg Office:  720-424-0501               

Mindi Onwuegbu Office: 720-424-0440                

  • All students are in an SEL class (labeled advisement) and are having 1:1 meetings each week with their SEL teacher – SEL is from 10:10 – 10:50 AM.
  • All teachers offer Office Hours from 1:35 – 2:45 PM daily.
  • Most students do not have an 8th period this quarter (12:40 – 1:35 PM), which is additional time to complete asynchronous work, homework, and reach out to teachers for more support.
  • Metro State is still supporting students with programming and homework help Monday – Thursday, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM:
  • For students in college classes through the Community College of Aurora, in addition to working with their teacher and peers, they should use the resources available through CCA:
    • Free Tutoring Help for students taking Concurrent Enrollment Classes through CCA (i.e. MATH 121, MATH 122, ENGLISH 094/121, ENGLISH, 092, ENGLISH 122)
  • The Academic Learning Center will offer FREE online Tutoring options:
    • Option 1: Students may schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Learning Center Tutor. Tutoring sessions will be conducted using Zoom. To schedule an appointment, students may call the Academic Learning Center at 303-340-7247 or 303-360-4742; they can also log into Navigate through the ‘MyCCA portal’ to schedule an appointment. Detailed instructions on how to schedule an appointment and how to use Zoom are available on the Academic Learning Center webpage.
    • Option 2: Students can utilize TutorMe located in the student resources section of the D2L homepage. Instant online Tutoring sessions are provided by an external vendor. For D2L support, please visit https://cccskb.blackbelthelp.com

*All options are currently virtual.

Noel Community Arts School (N.C.A.S.)

Jose Martinez – Principal
Jennifer Anderson – Assistant Principal

Jose Martinez Office: 720-423-5750

Jennifer Anderson Office: 720-423-5725

  • Office Hours are held every day from 1:00-1:45 PM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for students who need assistance.
  • Please reach out to your Teachers directly to attend these Office Hours.
Northeast Early College (N.E.C.)

Rossanda Jackson & Xochilt Najar – Counselors

Rossanda Jackson Office: 720-424-2548

Xochilt Najar Office: 720-449-6690

  • Students have mandatory Office Hours from 2:30 – 3:15 PM every day, according to their schedule:
    • Monday for their 1st period
    • Tuesday for their 2nd period
    • Thursday for their 3rd period
    • Friday for their 4th period

*All options are currently virtual.

Pathway Schools

Legacy Options

Maria Maclin – Counselor

Maria Maclin Office: 720-424-3117

  • Students have live classes from 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM.
  • From 12:30 – 3:30 PM they can set up individual Tutoring with teachers or Support Team.
  • 2:00 – 3:30 PM are Open School Counseling hours.
  • Option to come into the school for support is by appointments only.
  • Friday is open Tutoring / make-up work day, from 9:00 – 12:30 PM with Teachers/Support Team.
Montbello Career and Technical High School (M.C.T.)

Arnetta Koger – Dean of Instruction

Arnetta Koger Office: 720-423-7205

  • MCT offers Learning Labs for independent work time as well as learning labs for class support for students who need additional help. View the 2020-21 bell schedule with the specific times for both options.

Vista Academy

Dave Hernandez – Counselor

Dave Hernandez Office: 720-423-7683

  • Vista is not currently running any live/remote extended learning opportunities, but students are asked to use the other half of their school day when they are not logged in live for class to schedule time with teachers for any help they might need.
  • There is a group of support staff that are working diligently to reach out and engage those students who are not consistently logging on for their Synchronous/Live courses (remote learning courses).

Charter Schools


Jamelle Austin – Athletic Director
Bradley West – Director of College Success

Jamelle Austin Office: 303-524-6300 Ext. 8336396

Brad West Office: 303-524-6300

  • Mandatory Tutoring (all virtual and only on Wednesdays) – Teachers will designate this for students after school at any given time if a student is deemed to need support after being evaluated
  • Mandatory Tutoring could last a week or all trimester long. It will last until the student is performing at an adequate level.
  • A communication will be sent home to the parent/guardian to inform them of the mandatory schedule.
  • Certain subjects are held on certain days (this changes by trimester).
  • Office Hours are held for every subject. If a Teacher signs you up, it is mandatory that you go to office hours (this could be during lunch, after school, etc.). If a student is not assigned Mandatory Tutoring or Office Hours, but wants help in a subject, they can coordinate with the teacher to attend Office Hours.
  • If after Mandatory Tutoring, Office Hours and Saturday School, a student is still failing, an intervention meeting is set up with the parents, a Teacher and a Dean.
  • Our College Success Team (Brad West, Miles Erickson, Rosita Mallo, Matisse McKnight) is dedicated to making sure you are on track to graduate and can help with college entrance and college retention.

*These supports are subject to change based on current or new development involving the impact of COVID-19.

KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy and Strive Prep – RISE

Aaron Oster-Beal – Athletic Director

Aaron Oster-Beal Front Desk / Office: 720-485-6393

  • KIPP holds Office Hours every Monday from 10:41 – 11:26 AM & 12:16 – 1:01 PM.
  • Strive Prep – RISE offers Office Hours on Wednesdays from 10:15– 11:00 AM.
  • Strive Prep – RISE teachers build in Office Hours for the last 15 minutes of each class where they can hold specific students or the whole class if needed.
  • Strive Prep – RISE offers work completion at the end of the quarter if a student is within 10% of passing.