Athletic Info: COVID-19

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as CHSAA and DPS continue to navigate the COVID crisis and the safety of our students and school communities.  Decisions continue to be fluid and we will do our best to update the Far Northeast community as we receive information. 

Some of our Athletic Programs are offering Return to Play workouts. These have been rolled out in Phases. Session 15 begins Monday, May 10th and will run through Friday, June 25th for those Programs and Student-Athletes not participating in Season C or Season D. 

Please review the requirements and communication below in regards to Session 15.  

Dear Scholar-Athletes and Families,

Registration for off-season workouts will continue into Session 15 where activities will begin on May 10 and end on June 25.   Incoming 9th grade students (Class of 2025) may begin participating at the high school of registration.  
Please review the Protocols for Session 15, outlining the details of participant engagement, health checks and sanitation procedures required during this time.  Should you choose to participate, your guardian will need to complete the required Student Registration for Session 12, which includes the district waiver by 5:00pm on Thursday May 13, 2021.

*Students that participated/registered for Session(s) 1-14, must register for Session 15.

Additional information regarding student and coach waivers, daily documentation, conditioning schedules, and site drop-off procedures will be communicated by your Coach.

Click here for Session 15 Registration for Off-Season Workouts